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Are you trying to lead in a 120mph world

with 60mph skills?

We can help you get up to speed fast.





"You introduced systems and structure directed towards a common goal and orchestrated our progress in a fashion that held individuals accountable for their own actions. You exceeded our expectations as you turned a once complacent group of executives into a much more productive group within a surprisingly short time frame."

-Joe Giezeman, President

Searcy Uniform and Mat Service

(Now a Cintas Company)



"I'm ecstatic. You changed our business development model in ways we never could have dreamed. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, you integrated sales, marketing, management, and operations into one comprehensive model. You even turned some 20-year veterans around with remarkable finesse: no arguments, no fights, no battles."

-John Redinger, Vice President

Sales and Marketing



"50,000 FEET"

"Within as little time as a week, you learned about our company and industry to the extent that you facilitated two completely interactive programs with 300+ members of our staff, guiding us in the strategy we should use to get the highest return on our project. We were told you would go beyond the project scope as a futurist and strategist, and you exceeded our expectations."

-Michael Wilson, National Sales and Marketing Director, Comerica


“When we first started working with David, I was skeptical. Another member of our executive board had heard him speak and then hired him to work with our leadership team to help us develop our 5-year strategic plan. I thought, ‘How can this industry outsider be knowledgeable enough about our company and industry to deliver for us?’ To compound my skepticism once we started the project, I had never experienced an approach like his from any other consultant I had worked with over the 27 years of my career.

By week three, I had become a believer. David’s non-traditional approach, his side-by-side methodology, and his innate ability to sense what each exec member needed from him to push progress forward was transforming each of us to become best versions of ourselves and was producing results faster than any of us had ever seen before.

The initial project was for three months, but we recognized that David’s understanding of leadership, markets, and industries could help us in a variety of ways. We more or less developed an intimate working relationship with him over the course of three years during which he helped us prioritize, plan, and execute on major projects that not only revived our company but prepared us to face an oncoming recession from a position of strength. Because of our work with David, we drastically improved the customers’ experience, defined and elevated our brand, developed a culture of innovation throughout our organization, and became much more proactive and forward thinking as a result of our strengthened abilities to strategize and forecast.

What I would say about working with David is this: Be willing to open your mind to new ways of thinking and approaching challenges, and have faith that his innovative approaches will produce rapid results and make previously invisible opportunities visible.

My skepticism has changed; if not for David’s work with our executive board, I am skeptical whether our company, which is a market leader in the Asia Pacific region, would even be in business today.”

-Name withheld due to NDA

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