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Results-Driven Executive Strategizing

"An excellent strategy, even if it's executed poorly,

is still better than a poor strategy executed well."

Advanced Planning is an enhanced approach to strategic planning that produces radically improved outcomes at a faster yield rate than typical strategic planning methods.

A Process Born from the Way Decision Makers Really Achieve

In the earliest years of my career as a businessperson, I was puzzled and frustrated over why my and my colleagues' plans so often missed their mark, sometimes by only by a nose. Other times, I realized that leaders' best strategic and tactical options weren't even being taken into consideration. 

I was determined to find out why.

Over a period of years, I broke down and studied the components of traditional strategic planning methodologies. Most of them, even those based on research and data, identified gaps, assumptions, and blind spots. 

From there, I rebuilt the planning process. 


The advanced process was a more complete structure that I continually put into practice, tested, and improved both personally in my own businesses and professionally with my consulting and coaching clients, my fellow decision-making colleagues, and for nearly a dozen years, with my NYU students.

The Advanced Planning process worked.

Today, I travel more than 300,000 miles a year as a consultant and coach. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work with my clients is watching their excitement as their perspectives and paradigms break from the norm, their advanced plans take shape, drive progress, and transform them, their people, and their organizations in ways they never thought possible.

Advanced Planning improves leaders and the people influenced by them.


If you'd like to learn more, shoot me an email. 

I'm happy to discuss with you how

Advanced Planning can help you.




  • CXOs, business owners, and directors have used the process, developed in the 1990s, to earn billions of dollars for their commercial and corporate entities.

  • Nonprofit organizations have used it to drastically increase their grant funding and gain greater performance from their staffing.

  • Military groups and educational agencies have used Advanced Planning to streamline their organizations and provide higher quality services.

  • Leaders in emerging markets have used it to manifest rapid business and economic growth.

  • Decision makers globally have gone on to build the careers and lives of their dreams.


  • Fill gaps in strategy, tactics, and execution that are typically invisible and/or overlooked by traditional strategic planning models.

  • Put everyone on the same page by highlighting different assumptions, aspirations, and perceptions about the future of the organization, unit, department, agency, or group.

  • Empower leaders to make decisions with their entire organization in view, thus eliminating blind spots and delivering higher value to the greater entity.

  • Are versatile enough to use for any type of strategic endeavor, not just for creating strategic plans.

  • Provide a much broader range of strategic and tactical options to consider before taking action, increasing the likelihood that the organization/group stays on target and that desired outcomes are reached.

  • Gives leaders and their people a common language for improved communications due to its universal usage, enabling parties to better track progress, more quickly flag and address challenges, and place resources into action to produce best results.

  • Build leadership skills related to forecasting, planning, and strategizing.

  • Create improved working relationships through methodologies that tear down silos and barriers, eliminate us-versus-them thinking, encourage cross-functional sharing of ideas, and foster innovative thinking.



“When we first started working with David, I was skeptical. Another member of our executive board had heard him speak and then hired him to work with our leadership team to help us develop our 5-year strategic plan. I thought, ‘How can this industry outsider be knowledgeable enough about our company and industry to deliver for us?’ To compound my skepticism once we started the project, I had never experienced an approach like his from any other consultant I had worked with over the 27 years of my career.

By week three, I had become a believer. David’s non-traditional approach, his side-by-side methodology, and his innate ability to sense what each exec member needed from him to push progress forward was transforming each of us to become best versions of ourselves and was producing results faster than any of us had ever seen before.

The initial project was for three months, but we recognized that David’s understanding of leadership, markets, and industries could help us in a variety of ways. We more or less developed an intimate working relationship with him over the course of three years during which he helped us prioritize, plan, and execute on major projects that not only revived our company but prepared us to face an oncoming recession from a position of strength. Because of our work with David, we drastically improved the customers’ experience, defined and elevated our brand, developed a culture of innovation throughout our organization, and became much more proactive and forward thinking as a result of our strengthened abilities to strategize and forecast.

What I would say about working with David is this: Be willing to open your mind to new ways of thinking and approaching challenges, and have faith that his innovative approaches will produce rapid results and make previously invisible opportunities visible.

My skepticism has changed; if not for David’s work with our executive board, I am skeptical whether our company, which is a market leader in the Asia Pacific region, would even be in business today.”

-Name withheld due to NDA


On-site, Multi-day


Annual 1-Year Plans

5-Year Plans



Long-range Planning


Maximize your potential and become the leader you always wanted to be.

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