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"What Peter Drucker did for current management theory and practice - that is what David Goldsmith has done for modern day leadership."    Jay Abraham, CEO - Abraham Group


"Your speech depicted dynamism, insightfulness, rigorous information, intellectual stimulation, and a wise approach to leadership. I enjoyed listening to you speak, and you were a Keynote Speaker well integrated into our Stanford caliber."  

Kate Lee

Stanford University LEAD

"WHAT A REMARKABLE MORNING! David is, in my opinion, the most stimulating man I know...he pushes the boundaries of my brain and I am so grateful for it! We started with A and reached Z while flying around with topics, challenges, and solutions: thank you for being the way you are!"

Giovanna Melfi, Director

Metamorphosis Biz


"Thank you for sharing, for being so brilliantly flexible with such flair and style. You nailed the timing and were brilliant in delivery. I can now tell everyone about my new knowledge!"  

Emma Sherrard Matthew


"You perfectly summarized in your Paid to THINK ET Competitive Intelligence Process a diagram which mirrors very accurately the methodology and process we use for investigations."  

Alastair Campbell, Chairman

Bridger Intelligence

"Thank you for writing Paid to Think. It has helped my organisation grow from the garage to becoming a strategic partner with one of the largest companies in North America in a little over 4 years. 

The structured thinking you layout was pivotal in our success as it was our weakness. Even in these trying times, we find ourselves working on these principals and moving forward as though not much has changed. It's been quite surreal over the last couple of months. 

Again, Thank you so much." 

Alex Howell, CEO
Carwell Industries Ltd.

"David sees the big picture from all angles. He's direct, refreshingly frank and generous with his experience and knowledge. I can't recommend him enough."

Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
ADC Strategy

"David sees what others don’t see, has the talent to turn situations into opportunities, possesses the skill to offer new methodologies, and shares the insight to bring simplicity and clarity to any situations we’ve addressed.  We’re about to sell our business, and our work with David has helped to get us the deal we wanted, while shaping how we move forward."  

Alexei Kudriashov, Founder and CFO


"Many thanks...really appreciated your joining us for FCS. I thought your framing and comments really gave everyone something concrete to think about and take back, and it was a very generous offer to share your book.  You challenged everyone but also built up their confidence as well...the gift of a natural teacher/mentor. Thanks again."  

Vincent Ng, Co-Organizer, TEDx WanChai

Future Cities Summit

"Truly inspiring. You opened my eyes! How can I get involved?"  

NB, Director


"David has an amazing and fun podcast he produces called Age of the Infinite. He is based in Hong Kong and has a global audience. He is also and author, speaker and thinker in his own right. David actually engages with his guests at a higher level than most interviewers and delivers a great product. He makes you do a tiny bit of homework, and can be tough, but the result is something with more depth and more in your control than most interviews."

Rick Tumlinson, Chairman of the Board

Deep Space Industries

"I've seen a lot of startup presentations and have been to a lot of these events. I've never seen anyone do what you did today. It was brilliant. You were able to advise presenters on their tech, create clarity of messaging, and advise the 16 judges on the fly that was spot on every time. Incredible."

Gideon Marks, President

EIT Digital

"David, thanks again for incredible way you made us all feel welcome and listened to. All 'moderators' at pitching events should take a course from you. Superior. Thanks again."

Marten Stenfors, CEO


"David could easily be our modern day Leonardo da Vinci."

Shigeo Katsu
Nazarbayev University

Former Vice President for Europe and Central Asia Region, The World Bank

"Love your energy! You bring + Energy bringing consciousness, presence & fulfillment.  Thank you so much for your work with us."

Cristina Ventura
Chief Catalyst Officer

The Cage – Lane Crawford Group

"You did more than okay! The space talk was amazing!"

Ekaterina Vainberg, Head of Entrepreneurship Programs

Singularity University - Center for Entrepreneurship, Moscow

“You were brilliant, perfecto, you did an amazing job. Loved how you delivered new information (to the YPOers).”

Emma Sherrard Matthew

YPO WPO Chapter Hong Kong


"David Goldsmith is amazing, super smart, and a total visionary."

Todd Shoemack


Venture Capital Consulting

"What you did was absolutely amazing. You took ideas from others and within minutes were able to explain to us exactly what they intended on saying but did not. I've never seen anything like it."


Eugene Shchemelev


Tecom Group


"You did such an incredible job with moderating the whole event - I am impressed again!"


Katia Gaika


Fintech on the Block



"You have the most amazing ability to perfectly synthesize the essence of a company story and the founder's pitch into one sentence. I have never seen anyone be able to instantly accomplish this feat so brilliantly. You are a true gem."


Whitney Cathcard

Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

3D Look

"Home run...make that a grand slam. He was great!"

Marc Press

Managing Principal, Board Member (of 1000-person engineering firm)

KPFF Consulting Engineers

"We recently invited David Goldsmith to speak to our senior leadership group (top 50 managers) on the topics of strategy and improved execution. David gave an absolutely outstanding presentation to our group.  In his preparation, David interviewed several of our executives in advance of the conference and developed original material which was tailored to our company, our culture and our operating style.  

"David is a high energy, brilliant combination of entrepreneur, consultant, academic and author.  From his initial comments, he captivated our group and provided meaningful suggestions and working tools for our teams to use to improve our business performance.  I received very positive feedback from many of our attendees afterward, who felt David's remarks were excellent, his delivery style was entertaining and his book was invaluable.


"David, thank you for the time, effort and thought you gave to us.  I highly recommend David for your next management meeting or strategic challenge."

Philip A. Goodrich
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Kaman Corporation

"I know most things going on in the space industry and David is the only one thinking this big.  I want to be a part of what he is working on."

Dr. Aliya Prokofyeva, Partner

Galaktica Group

"I have to say this is the most interesting and thought-provoking podcast I have ever done. David Goldsmith asks me questions for 2hrs and 42 minutes!"

Kevin Surace
Token Chair,
Appvance.Ai - Built three $1B businesses

"You have just raised the bar on everything! My mind is spinning."

Kristina Bruhahn


“When we first started working with David, I was skeptical. Another member of our executive board had heard him speak and then hired him to work with our leadership team to help us develop our 5-year strategic plan. I thought, ‘How can this industry outsider be knowledgeable enough about our company and industry to deliver for us?’ To compound my skepticism once we started the project, I had never experienced an approach like his from any other consultant I had worked with over the 27 years of my career.

By week three, I had become a believer. David’s non-traditional approach, his side-by-side methodology, and his innate ability to sense what each exec member needed from him to push progress forward was transforming each of us to become best versions of ourselves and was producing results faster than any of us had ever seen before.

The initial project was for three months, but we recognized that David’s understanding of leadership, markets, and industries could help us in a variety of ways. We more or less developed an intimate working relationship with him over the course of three years during which he helped us prioritize, plan, and execute on major projects that not only revived our company but prepared us to face an oncoming recession from a position of strength. Because of our work with David, we drastically improved the customers’ experience, defined and elevated our brand, developed a culture of innovation throughout our organization, and became much more proactive and forward thinking as a result of our strengthened abilities to strategize and forecast.

What I would say about working with David is this: Be willing to open your mind to new ways of thinking and approaching challenges, and have faith that his innovative approaches will produce rapid results and make previously invisible opportunities visible.

My skepticism has changed; if not for David’s work with our executive board, I am skeptical whether our company, which is a market leader in the Asia Pacific region, would even be in business today.”

-Name withheld due to NDA

"I have seen David present at couple different sessions at a conference in the Silicon Valley and he convinced  me to mentor and leverage my contacts to open doors at eBay for one of the startup founders that he judged.  He was great and engaged the audience well both with the general session as well as a panelist.  Not only he is one of the smartest people I know but he also has a unique ability to quickly and succinctly analyze a business situation, put it into the context of market trends and ask thought provoking questions.  Having consulted many, many companies all over the world and built several himself, David adds value both as a strategist as well as an entrepreneur. He has an uncanny ability to see things in a different light and bring others on the journey.  I would not hesitate to have him as a speaker at an event I organize."


Elena Frishberg

Director, Chief Strategy Office
Cisco Systems, Inc. -Strategic Ecosystem Group

"Your single idea generated $1,655,000 in cash and refocused our business."

Chris Tank

Swan Dust Control


"This year's National Association of Broadcasters 2015 NAB Show saw 103,000 attendees (a 7% increase) and it's because of speakers like David Goldsmith delivering tangible content.  More specifically, David asked the questions no one else had asked our (radio)  industry and delivered insightful observations and innovative strategies which are sure to have made a profound impact on our attendees.  David Goldsmith is a true luminary and the rare breed of speaker who is better than advertised and delivers real results every time he takes the stage."

Josh Miely
Senior Manager, Radio Operations
National Association of Broadcasters


"I had the pleasure of meeting David Goldsmith at the Soundview Author Summit in January 2014, where he was a speaker. Immediately, I noticed David's energy, enthusiasm, and his ability to genuinely connect with his audience while consulting from the stage. As the co-chair of the 2014 PRSA Sunshine District Conference, I jumped on the opportunity to bring David to share his expertise with our members. Prior to attending the conference, David impressed me once again with his personal research into our PRSA members, as well as their specific needs and concerns so that he could offer more meaningful insights as one of our keynote speakers. During the presentation, David brought high-energy to the room and challenged our audience to change their perspective in a positive way. From his research, David was able to share personal stories from our audience without divulging any sensitive information. Feedback from our attendees about David's keynote address was overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend David for his professionalism in preparing a customized presentation, his lively energetic style, as well as his thoughtful insights." 


Cyndee Woolley, APR

Author and Public Relations Consultant

Co-chair, 2014 PRSA Sunshine District Conference

"The fact that the members were challenged by David's presentation is a great thing...members will grow when they are challenged."

Tim Call

Senior Vice President

Vistage Worldwide


"This book is unsummarisable. The contents of Paid to Think were forged in the fires of global consulting with top-level companies and tempered by critical research and analysis. The text has the potential to change even a seasoned executive's perspective with each chapter. It is a groundbreaking book that casts a considerable shadow across the landscape of today's thought and practice leadership."


Andrew B. Clancy
Executive Editor
Soundview/ Executive Book Summaries


"The title is somewhat misleading because the scope and depth of the material that David Goldsmith provides in this book are far greater than its title suggests. My fear is that the title may discourage at least a few people from discovering that this is indeed a one-volume library of business information, insights, and wisdom. In my opinion, Paid to Think is much more ambitious and a greater achievement… one of the ten best business books of all times written  thus far."

Robert Morris
Top 50 Reviewer



"David, you are the engine behind all change in the company! "

Eliza Lau

Vice President and ExCo member
City Super Group

“Thank you for sharing, for being so brilliantly flexible with such flair and style. You nailed the timing and were brilliant in delivery.  I can now tell everyone about my new knowledge.”

Emma Sherrard Matthew


"David showed up early and unlike any of the presenters I have worked with in the past, and I have worked with many, Due to his schedule, he was able to arrive a day early, ran in the snow with our staff, spent time learning about our company and then paid attention to the products we offer. This preparation and his insight were combined into a wonderfully prepared, interactive, stimulating and educational keynote with sizzle."


Dennis McAnany
Vice President of Marketing

Art Leather


“I'd like to say you learn and work fast and your results are even quicker. You rapidly grasped our needs, made great assessments of the coaches, and delivered the exact solutions necessary to win. I've got to tell you that no one is doing what you do in our industry and you could make a fortune off this.“


Bob Carlson
Athletic Director
Clarion University


"Quite frankly David, I’m taken aback by how you were able to figure out exactly what we had paid Ogilvy a lot of money to figure out, and with so little information. It’s incredible how quickly you did it."

Michael Schriver

President Worldwide Operations
DFS/Duty Free Shops Group Limited



"Your single idea generated $1,655,000 in cash and refocused our business."

Chris Tank

Swan Dust Control


"I presented to the General Manager, the Senior Vice President and the R&D and Operations team. They are more than happy to adopt your phase-gate model/funnel system. I am super excited as I have been promoted to lead innovation as the Group Product Manager for a US$20M business in one of the top local food companies in the Philippines. Many, many thanks for the learnings!"

Faye Matriano
Group Product Manager - Haagen-Dazs, Old El Paso, Progresso

General Mills - International Division

"[Regarding our strategic planning and global meeting with our CEO, board, and Chief Strategist], this was perfect. Exactly what we wanted to achieve."

Nandan Nilekani


"I have experienced David Goldsmith's consulting firsthand and he is brilliant...the fastest brain on the planet. David generates more (enterprising) ideas or solutions and insights than most of the business world combined. And he is a master of many skills, so he is able to address so many facets of business. That is one thing I really like about David's business acumen -- he rapidly can grasp the whole picture and then effectively address the various parts. That is how I know David is a special kind of speaker, consultant and expert.  He continues to amaze me."


Andrea H. Gold
Gold Stars Speakers Bureau
Dynamic Pathways, Inc.

"It's unbelievable what you accomplished with us in just a few days. Seriously, we started out with one project that most likely would have taken other consultants days to accomplish, and you did it in no time at all, allowing us to move on to the other 27 or 28 other solutions you provided. The surprising thing is they are all getting done. All of them. 

"I even just closed a deal that covered all your expenses in only a day or two after you left! (I think Lois is getting a little nuts hearing about how lucky I feel that you dropped into our office.) 

"Well this was supposed to be a testimonial but I think it's more of a thank you note for an incredible job and one where I would recommend you to anyone anytime. And we are! Lois has referred you to Where Magazine's owner, we've recommended you to an extremely large hospital, and so on and so on. 

"I can't start to thank you enough. You've changed the way we do business. It's incredible and serendipity. The great part is that we will be able to continually use what you've helped us achieve for years to come. You definitely delivered Million Dollar Solutions to Vintage 429. Thank you once again."


Joey Sutton 
Vintage 429 

"I pulled two items out of your presentation that we will roll out globally through Johnson and Johnson. You've got me thinking about everything."

Zack Lemelle

Vice President and CIO
Johnson and Johnson

"One of the things that makes you so different from any of the other speakers or consultants we've hired or that I've worked with at the local state and national levels is you've have helped us to see things that make a huge impact in an incredibly short period of time. I've never seen anyone else in my 35 years of association management, having led associations at all levels including international, do what you can do. We see ourselves differently after having worked with you.”

Teresa Kinney
Florida Society of Association Executives


“It’s hard to believe that within one week you were able to learn about Comerica to the extent you could facilitate two completely interactive programs with 300+ members of our staff and at the same time guide us in the strategy we should use to get the highest return on the project we were developing.... In our search, we were told that you were the only person who could do what we were asking especially within the time frame allotted. We were also told you go far beyond the scope of the project as both a futurist and a strategist, who can learn about a company or an industry in as little time as a week. They were right, and you exceeded these expectations.”

Michael Wilson
National Sales and Marketing Director Wealth and Institutional Management
Comerica Bank


"In two hours I received more education from David Goldsmith on running my business than in 10 years at HDU."

Ross Vanderberg
General Manager
Mobile Bay Harley-Davidson, Inc.

"It's amazing that you were able to draw together such an amazing business analysis in such a short time."

Paul Huizinga
Director of Higher Education Business Development

“I'm ecstatic. I'm overwhelmed. What you did for Dial was without question absolutely incredible work. I feel as if our employees had the ability to watch a guru of both management, marketing, sales and psychology in action. You far exceeded every single person's expectations and blew me away on your deliverables.

"You changed our business development model in ways we never could have dreamed. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, you integrated sales and marketing, management and operations into one comprehensive model.

"You are an absolutely incredible quick study. You learned our industry and then talked our language as if you'd been in it for years. It was as if you could pull any piece of information from memory that would support or aid our management and sales staff to get buy in. 1-10, $17 million, 37 branches, 200,000,000 calls, 8000 employees, $28 or 40 cents, the list was endless. I think you knew more about our industry and our business than many of our own employees! …Everyone was absolutely engaged. Everyone. To the point that it was if they would readily “drink your Kool-Aid.” You even turned some 20-year veterans around with a finesse that was remarkable. No arguments no fights, no battles. A skill that I don't think I've ever seen.

"You can take the mundane and make it exciting. Then turn it into information that everyone can understand and start to apply immediately. (I don't believe our management team even wanted to take a break.) The success stories work was marketing genius. Absolutely incredible.

"In Dial's opinion, you are truly a guru in the field of management (and sales), and anyone that hires you should be prepared to make hundreds of millions of dollars and fun doing it.”

John Redinger
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

"I told David that I’d never had such an engaging speaker call before! I’m really intrigued by his approach and willingness to research."

Jessica McMenamy
Event Marketing Specialist

"As you know, I served as the Chairman of the National Equipment Finance Association's Super Regional Expo recently held in Teaneck, New Jersey. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your extraordinary presentation as our keynote speaker. Your insights and instincts were brilliant. You exceeded all of our expectations. Indeed, at the conclusion of your presentation, I was inundated with members who wanted to thank me for engaging you. Notably, many senior members advised me they thought your presentation was the most informative they had ever heard at any conference: This is particularly impressive as each of these senior members have been in the industry 30 years or more and have collectively attended hundreds of conferences."

Frank Peretore, Esq.
Peretore & Peretore, PC
National Equipment Finance Association


"To call you an innovator would be considered trite. Your brain causes people to think, and in my opinion, there is no elevator speech for you.

"David Goldsmith is not your typical professional speaker. He'll shock your brain with his nontraditional, outside-inside-all-around-the-box, fruit-basket turnover insight. His perspectives will cause you to stop, think and re-imagine your future. You can't leave his sessions without being provoked to think differently and question the status quo."

Jeff Hurt
Meetings Architect and Industry 2.0 Unguru
National Association of Dental Plans
Promotional Products Association International

Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

"You were definitely one of the highlights of the 3-day conference for me. I found your energy, your eye on the future, and your challenges to conventional thinking all very stimulating and thought provoking. I even put some of your problem-solving strategies to work TODAY and they helped me very much."

Mike Irwin
Director of Regional Sales

Adventures in Advertising

"Your presentation was dense and rich."

Victoria Cabot
Director of Leadership and Learning Resources

"You were spot on. Spot on."

Carla Taylor
Director of Global Solutions Development


"All internal survey respondents liked your session. You had a tremendous amount of excellent and positive feedback. The group thought the content of your presentation was inspirational, informative and impressive! They like your creative presentation style, rich life experience on all industries, motivational skills in keeping people's attention, and your presentation software! The next day, everyone was using what they learned.  AMAZING! The only problem is - the session is too short!"

Hazel Chan
Marketing and Comunications Manager
Maersk Line - South China Cluster

"I heard David speak at a mini-convention in Quebec City. He has the ability to see the larger picture and use it to apply ideas to your business. I got more from him in the hour or so he spoke than an entire year at University. He gave practical, applicable information that will help my company get through this recession and come out of it on top."

Peter Nieman

Directeur Ventes et Marketing
Kyzen Inc.

"You gave an unbelievable presentation. A lot to think about. "

Terry Roberts

President and Chief Executive Officer
China Construction Bank (Asia) Finance


"No class had ever added so much in my professional life than yours!"

Victor Martelli 

Business Development
National Positions (Brazil)



“We had learned so much in your research. You spoke the language of insurance, and even more impressive, the language of our company - almost as if you were part of it. During your presentation, people were glued to their chairs listening to your every word; the interaction with the group was great and note after note was taken. There are very few in the world that can do what you do. It's been over two months and we're still hearing conversations around your messages. To create this type of impact in such a short period of time is beyond belief." 

Cathy Bradshaw
Director, Human Resources Employee and Leadership Development
Colonial Life


 “... he spent over 12 hours doing pre-interviews over the phone and an additional day meeting with and consulting for top management at two large companies operating in Lithuania (Omnitel, part of Telia Sonera Group, and Transcom Worldwide).…David spent the time to learn about their businesses instead of just delivering a presentation. He exceeded our companies' expectations, because he has a vast knowledge on a variety of business lines and different markets, and most importantly, he is able to deliver the information in real time while he is presenting.”

Laura Vilkaite
Event and Program Director
Ekspoziciju Centras Lithuania

“TVPPA is the association of electric utilities that distribute power generated by TVA. Our 62nd Annual Conference was May 20-21 in Orange Beach, AL, with David Goldsmith as keynote speaker. When I requested an effective speaker on leadership-related topics, Larry of [speakers bureau name removed] strongly recommended David. I had not previously heard of him.

"Bottom line is David’s performance made me, the meeting planner, look great!  He didn’t give a canned presentation.  Instead, he customized it to our industry and the leaders of the local utilities.  He did this by studying materials I furnished, interviewing in advance several member-utility CEOs from a list I provided, (and even interviewed a couple more at our welcome reception the evening before he spoke). He also spoke at length by phone with TVPPA’s President & CEO. (David conducted over 14 hours of interviews and research!)
"He spoke an hour the first morning, then did part two the second morning. David doesn’t just provide information.  He challenges the audience to think about things differently, and to put their best efforts into the areas that make the biggest difference in their business.

"David is a very smart, interesting person who is easy to work with and has a passion for improving business performance.  Attendees asked me, 'David’s great. How did you find him?'

"I can recommend him unconditionally.”

Creed Crowder
Director of Conferences & Meetings
TVPPA - Tennessee Valley Public Power Association

"Outstanding! What you did for us at the Kentucky Bankers CEO conference was not only powerful, it was everything you promised it would be and more. You promised you'd present information that had the CEOs thinking and boy did they ever...I especially liked how you were able to listen to three other presenters and then in REAL time add this newly-found material into your materials while adding extra insight into the data. Quite frankly, I'm not sure how you do it.

"Others in the industry are correct when they say that there are few people in the world who can do what you do. Besides, you're a great presenter. I don't think anyone wanted the program to end. "

Paula Cravens
Director, Education Alliance
Kentucky Bankers Association

"In his presentation, David Goldsmith gave us so many practical ideas that he could have charged us A MILLION DOLLARS, and it would have been worth it."

John Labrie

CEO and President
CWX Con-Way Express

"You were great! You added a sense of balance and neutrality to a conference that's not typically seen. It was if you represented us (the clients) on stage. Actually, throughout the event I was impressed and surprised at how quickly you assimilated our content and then created commentary that helped to weave the conference together, unlike most facilitators or emcee's that just make an introduction and then walk off stage."

Donald Wong
Vice President Digital Media Technologies/Digital Media Initiative
Sony Pictures

“It’s amazing what you were able to figure out in just 10 phone calls. You’ve not only learned our business, but what you’ve figured out is pretty impressive.”

David Speer
Illinois Tool Works

"I looked at over 100 speakers in the process of finding a speaker, [seeking] one that could speak to 25 CEO's who are the major players in 25 industries. These are people who already have their own opinions and want someone to show them more. I'd even bet I've spent 100 hours on the project. In the end, you are exactly what I was looking for.”

Nancy Rabenhold
Xcira (Previously Auction Management Solutions)

“Your predictions about where the industry is moving, where people can gain traction, and how to develop and focus on their number one winning strategy jolted the conference attendees into reality.”

Kathleen Clark
Conference Planner
National Association of College Stores

“You don't pull any punches, but then again, why should you? You've thought the information out so well that anyone who is listening can see that you're on target and they should be taking abundant notes. Some of the comments I received: "David took an honest look at the industry and really challenged people to think;" "David is able to put financial information into perspective because he works with so many industries.”

Barbara Agin
Event Planner
New Jersey Credit Union League

“Your passionate and very relevant presentation at our Global Retailing Conference on Innovating to Meet Today's Multi-Dimensional Buyer was simply outstanding and a perfect application for this year's theme, Innovation's Edge."

Melinda Burke
Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing

“I’ve never seen anyone do what you do, the way you do it. You deliver so much value as a strategist. In my opinion, you’re worth several times your fees. Raise them."

Dan Sunt
Chief Experience Officer
MVP Collaborative

"There was no one in the industry we were able to find that customized like David Goldsmith. No one."

Karen Watson
Director Account Planning

“It's safe to say that in our 100-year history, there have been very few expert speakers who have delivered as much information and value during one of our events than you delivered recently. More specifically, you thoroughly researched our audience and I was impressed in your ability to transform the information into a mind-jarring presentation.”

Robert Graf
President and CEO
California League of Food Processors

 “You were like our very own EF Hutton. When you spoke everyone listened. When you whispered everyone leaned forward to hear every word. When you finished, they wished it lasted longer. Even though it was a three-hour presentation starting at 7 AM! It just goes to show you we made a great choice in presenters and that, as promised, you delivered workable, real, current content that made everyone think."

Carol Wasieleski
Managing Director
Cleaning Equipment Trade Association

“You certainly spent more time learning about the DMIA membership than any speaker we have previously had…and it showed too.”

Lloyd Tucker
Senior Director
Document Management Industry Association

“Without question, you are one of the very best speakers the Executive Officers Club has ever hired, and we've heard about 200 keynote speakers since the EOC was founded.”

Chuck Whitlock
Executive Officers Club

"David, you are very good at what you do. Very good. I want to stay." 

Azim Premji

Wipro Technologies Ltd.


“Seeking leadership speakers? Entertainers? Futurists? Authors? Marketing gurus? Operations Experts? You don’t have to look very far. There are wide range of speakers who claim to cover these areas, eager to speak to your audience.  Many claim to customize their presentations by interviewing your audience members ahead of time. A number are “one-trick ponies” who have fine-tuned one presentation, “same song, same dance” with a couple of world changes whatever they are.

"If you are tired of the status quo, seeking future direction, ready to shake things up, think strategically, and position forward, zero your search in on David Goldsmith.  He does his homework, immersing himself in your environment, bringing fresh perspectives to your business or organization, challenging your audience, all the while providing real life examples and tools to help position forward. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious!"

Janine McBee
Senior Training Director
Texas Credit Union League


 “…but they were mesmerized by yours! You kept them engaged throughout…unbelievable feedback…delivered real-life solutions and current and future challenges.

"Even better, from the conference room to the restrooms, people were abuzz about how their views on our future had changed.  They see the future in ways they never thought possible, and they look forward to using your down-to-earth strategies and tactics on how to create new opportunities in the future.  Your stories, specific examples, and ability to talk our language of the industry (you really did do your homework) kept everyone riveted and not a single person of the 600 left the presentation."

Rick Parks

State Director
International Council of Shopping Centers

“Right away I got the sense that you understood our industry and would do the research to ensure our program would be customized….and I was right. You challenged the audience to think differently, gave new, insightful, and practical ideas that were forward thinking, and delivered it all with personal and corporate examples that kept all 240 audience members AND vendors crowded in the back, listening to every word.”

Cindi Jaques
Conference Planner
International Association of Fairs and Expositions

“You were the first speaker in our 25 years that did so much research that when you offered your expert advice and vision of the future, you were dead on. You delivered a message that was innovative to an already-innovative industry. You definitely challenged everyone in the 800-person audience. Thank you.”

Craig Mandeville
Sr. Manager
National Aerospace FOD Prevention

"The feedback on David Goldsmith was excellent. He definitely lived up to our expectations. He did a lot of preliminary legwork speaking to our members before the meeting and approached the audience at the right level. There were many discussions throughout the subsequent sessions where people used David’s approach to help them stay on track in working group meetings. Thanks for finding him for us."

Beth Grossman
ACORD Corporation

“From start to finish, you “wowed” us with your unique interview process, your challenging content, and your fun and engaging presentation style...your interview process was like none I've ever experienced....many times I run into speakers that have “canned” speeches ready for the next victim. It was refreshing to have a keynote that was willing to go the extra mile and hear what the members of our group had to say. Your tactic of interviewing attendees to find out their challenges and how to overcome those challenges to meet their goals was truly invaluable. Second…you told use what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to challenged the group to think differently.”

Amanda West
Business Development
Society for Marketing Professional Services

“His session was standing room only, generating among the highest attendance for our conference sessions. What impressed me most was that he did research beforehand, and contacted a number of my members prior to the session. ALL of them were extremely impressed and cited specific ways in which he helped them with their associations."


Penny Murphy
CEO and President

Empire State Society of Assoc. Executives

”...It was clear you did your homework by researching the ob/gyn specialty and speaking to physicians…your extensive preparation paid off. Your humor, insight and honesty were the talk of the evening.”

Donna Montalto

Executive Director
NY American College Obstetricians/ Gynecologists


“You were fantastic! In fact, you were the hit of the conference. Seriously, as far back as I can remember there has not been a meeting where someone has left during a presentation then did not return. That didn't happen to you at our annual conference. Everyone stayed the entire three hours. That's impressive."

Tammy Theil
Alaska Medical Group Management Association


“From start to finish, you “wowed” us with your unique interview process, you challenging content, and your fun and engaging presentation style.

"In my five years on the HFTP Board, I have never heard such rave reviews for a speaker (and in that period of time, I have had about 45 presentations).
I’ve never heard of an event where members of our audience have not gotten up to leave and never returned. You on the other hand, you had them captivated. Delivering relevant content, powerful strategies, and the tools that can deliver incredible returns.”

Evelyn Adams
Florida Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals

"I believe I ended David Goldsmith's presentation with, "Wow." Your firm's ability to find a first class presenter in such a short time frame has to be commended. David showed up early and unlike any of the presenters I have worked with in the past, and I have worked with many, David did not just fly in and fly out. Due to his schedule, he was able to arrive a day early, ran in the snow with our staff, spent time learning about our company and then paid attention to the products we offer. This preparation and his insight were combined into a wonderfully prepared, interactive, stimulating and educational keynote with sizzle. That's not only my applause, it was the sentiment of our national sales force. 

"I'd also like to add that as the marketing manager to a firm employing close to 700 employees, we had several expectations that had to be met in order for me to write such a powerful testimonial. Included in the audience was our CEO, CFO, partners to the firm, and members of senior management; each person asked of David a different request to be met. As the CEO wanted one type of action, so too did the sales manager request another. David was able to pull all the information together into one flowing, powerful presentation. 

"In a heartbeat, I would recommend him to any person interested in a top notch presenter. In the same vein I would also recommend to others that if they are interested in a bureau, Speakers Corner is as professional and responsive as they come. 

"Thank you for an experience to remember. " 

Dennis McAnany
Vice President of Marketing
Art Leather


"David Goldsmith. He’s a multi-talented person, with a solid track record as author (Paid To Think) & business advisor. What I thought would catch your interest are his ambitious startups focused on space and AI. He’s also a uniquely talented lateral thinker, which is rare."

Sameer Chishty
Streeton Partners International Limited

"I speak for everyone when I say we all really appreciated your unique approach to teaching as compared to the other professors.  You gave us mind-bending tools,  challenged all of us to get out of our comfort zones, and nudged us towards more out of the box thinking! I always promote you and think very highly of your work."

Anson Bailey
Principle, Business Development


"David's only problem is he doesn't charge enough for showing you HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS. Other speakers withhold the nuances that they charge extra for privately...on the rare occasion, they actually know how. David knows it, does it, and enthusiastically explains exactly what you need to do."

Sue Young
American National Database Association

"David offers strategies so powerful that within one week I raised $250,000 in capital."

Elyse Hope Killoran


Prosperity from the Inside-Out, Ltd.

Regarding consultative assistance:

"Thank you. Zonar Systems is continuing to blaze a path in the safety and compliance industry. Your 60-day evaluation process increased sales and cash by up to 33% and is now a standard, and the results are paying off quickly ... Fewer keystrokes, more instant information. Seamless solutions to today's business."

Regarding an association presentation:
"Mr Goldsmith captured the audience from the time they were seated until the close of his presentation with hard hitting facts, humor and most importantly an insight to the trucking industry based on interviews, not on assumption. Every one in attendance walked out with their eyes opened to new possibilities, and a fresh approach to "systems" that can change the way people work together and become more effective in their respective positions." 

Eric Manegold
Zonar Systems, LLC

"Having attended a Zig Zigler seminar only days before hearing David, it was quite clear that within seconds of his presentation I knew I was in for another Zig seminar..Goldsmith style!  David delivers an outstanding seminar with very simple concepts.  What separates David from the rest is his ability to connect with every member of the audience and not just those with MBA's or on the CEO level.  Management is everyone's job and David has the ability to break that down on any level.  Out of all the speakers our conventions have hired, David Goldsmith has by far been the single best investment the association has ever made on hiring not only a speaker, but a friend.  If you walk away unimpressed, then without a doubt, you don't belong in business."

David Guess, MS, CDS
Corporate Trainer
Usher Transport, Inc.

"David, I really appreciate you sending the outline of your excellent presentation so promptly. But I really appreciated one of the best motivational talks that I've ever heard. That's saying a lot since I've suffered through them in twenty three years in the military and an additional 29 years in the transportation Industry. Your dynamic style of presentation , involving the audience and interspersing it all with a sprinkling of humor left me no choice but to listen, watch and learn. A great program, masterfully presented and a great experience. Thank you."

Wally Person  

VP Fleet Services
Orgill, Inc.


"David Goldsmith's presentation to a group of professionals, that I attended was absolutely outstanding. Everyone was pleased and flocked to him after the presentation to obtain more information and to meet the man with presentation skills that go beyond great. David keep the audience on their toes with insight to their own needs of improving their professional carrier. David provided a very in-depth learning experience that will benefit me daily in my professional walk."

Sam L. Dunbar

Director of Safety and Zone operations
Con-Way Western Express

"The architectural plans for our 3-million-dollar build-out were missing the mark, and I knew we needed outside help. Having seen you at a recent speaking engagement where you addressed some very complex issues, I knew you were the person I wanted to guide us back on track.

"...As you're already aware, the results were exactly what I expected. The surprise was how quickly you worked. I had allocated a few weeks for the project, but you refocused our entire project in less than 20 minutes after your arrival.

"...You were able to cut a several-week-long project into 6 hours. I liked that you gave us a completely redesigned floor layout that encompassed everything from Lean Manufacturing strategies to the facilitation of organizational design. I think the architects were even surprised at how detailed your plans were when completed."
Karen Hagel
Heart & Lung Clinic PrimeCare Health Group

"Humor, seriousness, interaction, and laughter were all woven into a well-prepared evening, yet one allowing for spontaneous discussion as well… In short, you have a real gift. This was one of the most enjoyable and refreshing presentations I have attended"

Stephen H. Stapleton
Managing Director Executive Special Services


"We got it!! Thanks to you and your strategic help, we have secured what may be called the single largest contract in the history of the 3rd party moving industry: a contract worth millions to our firm. Your 45-minute redesign of our presentation won a $2M annual contract. Your advice (as you say, quality over quantity) helped to position us to win over some very strong competitors and to position us as a leader in our industry. We expect the volume to double or even triple the size of our business over the next year, and with your help, we should be able to secure other contracts adding to our top and bottom lines."
Jim Walsh

Alliance Relocation Services


"From the first meeting we had, I knew you were going to be exactly what we needed as a consultant. Your ideas were fresh and your approach direct. Since that meeting, you have done a tremendous amount to assist me and my firm while at the same time quickly ratcheted up the bar for every person with whom you have dealt. You have a knack for educating others. In our instance, you built a growth model and simultaneously gave new insight into what is needed to run any business no matter what the sales revenue or employee count may be.

"Furthermore, you introduced systems and structure directed towards a common goal and you orchestrated our progress in a fashion that held individuals accountable for their own actions. You exceeded our expectations as you turned a once complacent group of executives into a much more productive group within a surprisingly short time frame."
Joe Giezeman
Searcy Uniform and Mat Service (Now a Cintas Company)

"For years we've worked on reducing our line queues with limited results.  In fact, we were about to build a 3,000 square foot building as a solution to keep our people in line warm. Then working with you and your radically new and innovative ideas, we found our line queue dropped from 1 hour 20 minutes to ELEVEN MINUTES in ONE DAY. Beyond amazing!"

Ray Daggle
Director of Base Operations
Sugarbush Ski Resort


"You don't approach a $43,000,000 acquisition without first building the right team. I listen and act on David's strategies and tactics."

Bill Tzizik 

Classic Tuxedo


"Audience feedback... 'Excellent speaker', 'Well prepared', 'Kept you listening at all times', 'Enthusiastic speaker', 'Starts you thinking and keeps you thinking'."

Catherine Halstead
International Management Council


"Our goals with David were simple: educate, focus and motivate an already successful group of real estate brokers and salespeople. He not only delivered a highly customized program, he surpassed all our goals and exceeded all our expectations."

H. Ross Ford III
President and CEO
TCN Worldwide (International Commercial Real Estate)


"You have been our highest rated speaker 5 years in a row."

Brian Butler
Wharton School of Business

"…What was the best about the conference? The answer was often David Goldsmith."

R Neal Appleby

Syracuse University


"It’s really fantastic.  I have a list of new tactics that I implement, like rethinking the problem or finding the balance between decisiveness and analysis.  I have always been a quick decision maker, so this has helped me develop methods to slow down while not hitting the paralysis of analysis (as I think you say in the book).  I am going to submit a comment on amazon when I’m done to be sure, but it’s very very helpful and I love having simple things I can do to change my thinking or approach to things."

Jocelyn Benson
Wayne State University College of Law


"It was such a pleasure working with you this morning. The conversation was stimulating, thought provoking, and entertaining. An excellent start to the working day. No BUTs about it! I look forward to working work with  - and learning from - you."

Susan Sams
Chief Officer Strategic Development and Communications
Lane Crawford Joyce Group


"A note to say how much I enjoyed your talk at the Kee Club and especially appreciated that last comment about driving a world where many people can participate in it...Several of our candidates on the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Diploma have already signed up [for your upcoming lunch session] and we are sending it out to alumni...Rockstar as always! Huge personal thank you."


Diana David
Corporate Development
Financial Times


"I just wanted to thank you for putting us in touch with David Goldsmith.

We met up with him yesterday and he was incredibly generous with his

time and advice for moving forward. I took pages and pages of notes -

he's quite the whirlwind!!

Many many thanks!"

Orla Breeze



"Thank you for the workshop! I’ve got a lot of ideas to apply to my everyday practice. You’ve also helped me to take a look at my role in our company from the outside in.

"I’m very impressed with your ability to communicate and explain concepts to non- English speaking executives.

"Hope to hear you soon."


Mikhail Borovski
Lead Project Manager
T-Systems RUS GmbH, Point of Production

..."I recently picked up your book Paid to THINK, and already it's helping to focus my efforts more efficiently....Not finished with the book yet, as I find myself taking notes as I go!!!"

Nick Benson
Digital Communication Manager
South African National Government Economic Development Dept



"[Your two presentations], Getting it Right the First Time: from Strategies to Tactics and You Can't Begin Without a Product: New Product and Service Development, matched exactly the needs of current entrepreneurs seeking to maintain success through mission and vision. Thank you for the tools that showed us how to come up with filters in the project management decision process, thank you for the tactics to accept intelligently when [it's time] to really let go of a product, and thank you for teaching us how to find our real competitive advantages [while] defining where our best opportunity cost is.

"Now, I feel more opened to change, and I feel better prepared to succeed in the future. Most of all, thank you for teaching me to arrange meetings with myself, and teaching me how to think with my gut."

Neil Davila Pena
President & Director General

Galeria 765 - Mexico


"Thank you for speaking to the attendees of the NYS Hospitality and Tourism 2001 Annual Conference this past May. In compiling the educational session evaluations, yours was by far the most popular and successful with an overall evaluation rating of 4.4 (out of 5) for both content and speaking.

"As you know, it is a challenge to win over an audience and impart information to them that's truly going to be useful when they return to business as usual. With comments on our evaluations describing you as a good presenter that gives them ideas and with such emphatic phrases as 'Terrific!' and 'Have him again!' I feel confident that you succeeded in doing just that....Great presentation on bringing human awareness to technology..."

Debra Trulli-Cassale
Events Director
New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association


"You definitely rounded out the marketing track. As a firm that puts on several conferences, a year we are always looking for qualified and talented speakers. With a full room of attendees, you not only were flexible to the time changes due to our keynotes running over, you were able to do what speakers should do, educate and enlighten.

I am aware of letters and comments from attendees that say that this was one of the best marketing programs they have heard in ages. Again, the feedback I received was nothing less than fantastic. I even thank you for the marketing and consulting time you spent with me and other members of the audience after the presentation."

Joseph D. Strodel, Jr.
Healthcare Provider

"[I'm writing] to tell you how much Adrianna and I enjoyed your presentation. We were talking on the drive home, and realized how far away we've gotten from some the things you were talking about (particularly setting and reviewing goals on a daily basis). These are the things that made us successful, yet today we let them slip by. Everyone needs a presentation like yours to charge our batteries and get us ready for a new year."

Dale Lambrecht, CAI
Past President 



"Your sales and management presentation to TCN Worldwide gave me a ton to think about during my flight back to San Francisco. I will be continually working on how to incorporate your ideas into my daily life."


Hans Hansson
Starboard Commercial Real Estate    


"David Goldsmith possesses a talent for speaking that delivers information effectively, concisely, and enjoyably. My experience at trade shows is that one in four programs is worth-while. This makes selecting courses difficult. I will make it a point to attend David's presentation if I see his name appear on an agenda in the future."

Rick Rover Company

Managing Partner
Global Partnering Services


"David Goldsmith's presentation at our recent state HR group meeting was the highlight of the program. Not only did David's high energy presentation style keep the audience engaged, but his personal research with members of our group prior to the meeting made his content truly pertinent to our needs and concerns - not just a canned presentation sprinkled with buzzwords. I came away from his value-packed program forever changed in the way I approach my role as a Human Resources Professional. Want a successful program for your next group meeting? Book David Goldsmith, you will be glad you did."

Mac Campbell
Human Resources Administrator
Alleghany Regional Hospital


"Thanks for your insight after the presentation. I just want to let you know that I used your 'what-are-your-challenges' fallback line. Actually, my question to an information systems manager today was 'what are you up against?' Needless to say, the result was an appointment for next Thursday at 2pm. That one question opened the flood gates -- truly amazing!"

Brook Gleasman
Solutions Manager
Odyssey Software, LLC


"The group had started the day with a company tour, a 'hurry-up’ breakfast, lunch and three prior speakers before you took the podium. You were certainly challenged to hold attention – and you kept the group awake. You excelled with your confidence, vitality and command of your topic. We did 'save the best til last.' "

David R Seib
International Management Council

"David sees the big picture from all angles. He's direct, refreshingly frank and generous with his experience and knowledge. I can't recommend him enough."

Anthony Duignan-Cabrera

ADC Strategy

"An exhilarating interview."

Howard Bloom


Maximize your potential and become the leader you always wanted to be.

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