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Innovative coaching approaches proven to eliminate barriers and get you to your best outcomes at rapid speed.


Put Your Trust in a Coach Who Does What They Advise

We know your challenges and what you really want. Results.


We also know that you don't want to risk an investment in coaching unless your adviser is results driven. You want and need to gain progress and achievement.


Today, it's more important than ever to make sure you're using every dollar, every employee, and every asset to propel your organization ahead of its competition through improved efficiencies, innovative products and services, and stellar performance.

"We've got it. The VCs just sent us the Letter of Intent giving us everything we wanted. Your strategy is always on the money and we've got millions more to show for it. Thank you." - Bill Tzizik, Owner, Classic Tuxedo 

From helping a $50M manufacturing facility in Canada streamline its production facility and developing corporate strategy for a $500M ERP company to helping senior management of a $13.5B corporation redefine their future, we are not just sitting on the bench, but working side by side senior level management to improve decision making that will improve skills and impact the organization's bottom line and future.

Accelerate Progress and Maximize Potential

Whether you're the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar corporation or a small-business owner, you'll find our one-on-one executive coaching programs will provide you with knowledge, skill building guidance, and career management tools to increase individual and organizational performance. 

Consider coaching if you want to:

Catapult your career.

Create new opportunities.

Become a peak performer.

Leverage talent within your team.

Open doors that once appeared to be closed.

Create new opportunities.

Eliminate "fires".

Redirect your organization's talent for increased productivity.

Learn how to manage up or down.

Place focus on matters that produce the best returns.


Our flexible options enable you to work at a pace and time that fit your schedule and meet your needs.



"In less than 6 hours, I had a past client say they would be interested in hiring me for new projects and a national organization call me back commenting on how they loved my submission for a national convention. David kicks butt and fast."

Susan A. Friedmann, President, The Trade Show Expert



The average return on initial investment for executive coaching is 6X. 

Our clients' return is at least 12X and usually higher.


Productivity jumps by more than 200%, our clients say. This is more than three times the average reported by competitors' clients when coaching is combined with training.


Our clients report an average of 32% annual increased profitability as a result of coaching as compared to 22% reported in a study of Fortune 1000 executives. 


100% of our clients improve professional relationships as compared to the national average of 71%.

"As a practicing business person, I teach my clients the tools I've used for 35 years to build organizations and develop leadership.

I'll never advise you to do something that I haven't or wouldn't do myself."

-David Goldsmith

"Quite frankly David, I’m taken a back by how you were able to figure out in 45 minutes on the phone exactly what we had paid Ogilvy a lot of money to figure out, and with so little information. It’s incredible how quickly you did it."

Michael Schriver
DFS Group Limited
President Worldwide Operation

Are you...
  • An executive, manager, business owner, director, sales manager, or aspiring decision maker in your organization?
  • Looking for honest feedback and professional coaching to achieve your personal and professional desired outcomes?
  • Interested in receiving honest feedback and willing to hear alternative solutions to your challenges that may be different than you'd get from other coaches?
  • Ready to take the next step in your career?

"I got a LinkedIn message last night. At first I thought the subject line 'Tell me your secret of success!' was a scam, but the message was from a past co-worker asking how I

promoted my position to Director in only 3 years.

You and your lessons are a large part of the success she's referring to and looking to emulate. 


You personify the famous saying about 'teaching a man to fish' . Then it's up to clients like me to take those tools and make use of them. All the best!"

-Letter from past coaching client


Happy Businessman


Executive Silver

Executive Silver is a low-structured, self-monitored coaching program for people who are serious about advancing their career or work environment and would prefer to set their own pace. 


You pick three times during the month for phone calls that work for you, we connect and engage in quality interactions that allow you to take advantage of your coaching as you need it. Self-monitoring clients can also connect by text or email.

Driven people find this option to be powerful and transformative.

3-, 6-, and 12-month engagements 


Up to 3 calls per month 

2 emails and/or texts per week

24-hour response

You ask the questions you want to address

Give the time when needed

Flexible to meet your needs





Young Business Woman


Executive Gold

Executive Gold offers a structured coaching program to ratchet up accountability and keep you on track with four scheduled calls each month.


We identify with you your desired outcomes at the outset, discuss progress and strategies for moving forward at each meeting, and adapt and adjust tactics as you achieve to make sure you have the skills and tools to hit your targets during and after your program term.

Collaboratively, we work through your program to monitor and measure your results. 

3-, 6-, and 12 month engagements


Up to 4 calls per month

Unlimited emails and texts per week

12-hour response (Rare exceptions)

Questions focused on structured program 

Monitored benchmarks

5 signed copies of Paid to THINK



Executive Platinum

Executive Platinum is reserved for decision makers who want to make significant gains quickly. Their situation may be that they have intense responsibilities, are seeking guidance with transitioning into a new role, need a sounding board from an outsider as they manage new change, or otherwise seek high-level advisory engagement with stepped-up collaboration and accountability.

Platinum clients are typically in executive decision making positions--CXOs, VPs, directors, founders--and have multiple people reporting to them.

3-, 6-, and 12 month engagements


Up to 5 calls per month

Unlimited emails and texts per week

12-hour response (Rare exceptions)

Questions focused on structured program

Specific targets established together

10 signed copies of Paid to THINK

Additional time in some situations

Access to discounted rates on Goldsmith Organization programs

Optional add-on service of day-long on-site visit--Additional fees apply.

Business Meeting


Exec Coaching for Teams

Are you an executive or HR manager who is seeking coaching services to help several leaders perform more optimally? We understand group dynamics, have a 30-year track record of working with teams in single countries and multiculturally across more than 300 industries. Not only do we rapidly grasp your product or service, but we use proven techniques to help you leverage your team's potential.


Perhaps you're looking to provide more consistent service, upgrade skill sets, hone expertise, address corrective issues, develop leadership, change behavior, improve working relationships, attain greater cohesion and synergy, improve morale, or produce other outcomes.

 Inquire to find out how we can help.

Key to Success


Elite Executive Advising

For the executive who is ready to charge full force ahead, our VIP program gets you where you want to go fast.

This is an intense program that requires a greater time commitment on your part. You'll have four scheduled calls per month, the length of which is worked out at the beginning of your program, options for two or more on-site visits*, and unlimited email and text access.

Response time is 12 hours or less (barring travel), and you'll have all the benefits of the Platinum program, too.

Due to the nature of this option, we ask that you contact us to discuss your particular challenges and desired outcomes.

Meeting the Staff


90-Day Onboarding

So you've finally secured a great talent. Now what? The first 90 days is typically a test period of the new hire, but in reality, it's a critical time that tests your ability retain talent. Are you providing all the tools that your new hires need to perform at their best?

This is a proprietary program you won't get anywhere else. Feel confident knowing that you'll be putting your new talent on solid footing and getting them on board rapidly for sustained productivity.

Due to the range of variables involved in onboarding, please contact us to discuss your situation.


Due to the commitment level we put into our coaching programs,we limit the number of clients that we take on at any given time.

As a first step to applying, please fill out our inquiry form.  


Maximize your potential and become the leader you always wanted to be.

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