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We approach our clients' challenges as industry outsiders, which provides you with two immediate advantages.


First, it shields you from myopically inbred ideas and solutions that typically keep leaders on par with their competitors and at an average to slightly above-average level of performance.


Second, it opens countless doors of opportunities to you and your organization that would have otherwise been closed off to you, because you gain the benefits of:

  • universally applicable tools, methodologies, and strategies that our research and experience have proven rapidly transformational and highly effective for improving performance and outcomes;

  • cross-pollination of ideas, innovations, and solutions that put you in a greater position to win now and exceed expected, industry norms far into the future.


We begin using proprietary diagnostic processes that most accurately identify your actual challenges, we see what others don't in terms of prospective opportunities, and we employ groundbreaking techniques for maximizing human potential and converting your ideas into realities.


Within a short period of time, we equip you mentally with everything you need to strategically build for future successes, and we show you how to effectively and quickly develop leaders throughout your organization through transferable skills and tools that transform individuals and organizations.


Proven Results

We have spent the greater part of 30 years practicing what we teach, so you can rest assured that when you put our tools, methodologies, and strategies into practice, they work right the first time. 


"David redesigned our presentation within 45 minutes, and as a result, we closed a US$2M deal, the largest of our industry!"

-Jim Walsh, CEO, Alliance Relocation Services 

"I am back in Manila and I presented to the General Manager, the Senior VP, and the R&D and Operations team. They are more than happy to adopt your new product development funnel. I am super excited as I have been promoted to lead innovation as the Group Product Manager for a US$20M business in one of the top local food companies in the Philippines. Many, many thanks!"

-Fay Matriano, Int'l Division Group Product Manager, General Mills (Haagen Dazs, Old El Paso, Progresso)

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