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"At the moment I am reading Paid to Think. ( - David Goldsmith (this book is a beast).

Funny how I found this book. I was watching a Jay Abraham video and I paused and zoomed in on his book shelf and there it was.

A wonderful friend brought it to me in Nashville. I didn't know it was 5lbs of book (over 600 pages).

So far... it's fantastic. I'm soaking it in. Digesting every word like the Michelin Star 5 course meal it is. Not rushing it. I'm engaging with every word as if the book itself was a mentor."

Tamara Gabbard
Marketing SC

we're using Paid to Think to help revise our business strategy and its prompts have provided some unexpected results. This is great stuff. Thanks!

Stephen Porteous

"Recruiting processes creates $124,000 in one month"

Bob Carlson
Clarion Univeristy -  

"Your insights, enthusiasm and wisdom was truly inspiring"

Charles Breeding
Dale Carnegie Institute Manger

"David, today I was the best I've ever been! I tried what you suggested and after the presentation I had a group of people asking me for my services. That's never happened. Thank you."

Susan A. Friedmann
The Trade Show Expert

"Super Job - I knew in my gut it would be, but you have exceeded my expectations - and I love your encouraging our Leaders to read!!!

Sue Cooke
Association for Training and Development

"In 20 minutes, David showed me how to double my sales volume without spending a dime. No session at the conference even came close to offering the ideas he delivers."

Elliot Darkatsh
Director of Marketing for Athletics
Jacksonville University

"There are not a bunch of speakers that can entertain and talk on a topic. If the client asked, who would pick? I would say you in a heartbeat."

Richard Schelp     
Executive Speakers Bureau

"For many months prior to the Convention, I wondered what we were going to get out of this young "motivational speaker", who looked like he might have just graduated from college ... Lesson #1 Never judge a book by it's cover. This guy was fabulous! Thought provoking. A challenge to our standard way of thinking. Worth every penny we paid him - and then some. Not only did he do his homework about auctioneers and our industry, but he also had dozens of real-life experiences - both successes and failures - to share with us."

Tom Perillo
Perillo Auction & Liquidation Services
Bedminster, New Jersey

"Excellent Speaker – Well prepared"…"Kept you listening at all times"… "Enthusiastic speaker – Starts you thinking and keeps you thinking"

Catherine Halstead
International Management Council

"I attended the Kansas Insurance Agents Convention and thought David's hour on how our business will be changing and is changing was right on the mark!"

Kevin Mochel
Mochel Insurance Group, LLC
Overland Park, Kansas

"It was if the room had gotten brighter. (I actually checked) The information David delivered finally put all the pieces together that I have been hearing for years."

Colleen Mancuso
Staff Leasing

"Your presentations at the New Orleans forum were riveting, fun and so informational. I have been to many management sessions, but I have never quite heard your perspective....Your presentation was probably one of the most enjoyable I have attended at the forum and I have attended seven or eight. I will look for your name next year!

Diane Allen
Center For Disease Control and Prevention CDC
Atlanta, GA

"Inspiring, Practical, Entertaining, Engaging, Strategic, and more. Your presentation at our conference yesterday was fabulous. Never in 20 years have I left a conference both energized and loaded with practical strategies I can use Monday morning."

Jim Godwin
VA Society for Healthcare Human Resources

"...thank you so much for all the leads! I think that is without a doubt the most we have gotten from one event EVER!!! Everyone is very excited. Best to you for a great weekend!"

Bonnie Wrockloff
Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau

"You were a success!! And my job was saved!! Your review was all positive and weeks after your talk, people are still referring to bits of your talk that affected them…"

Judson W. Davis
Teal’s Trucking

"You gave a wonderful presentation in Mexico City! Your approach to business development hit the bulls eye for me. It's easy to understand why you've been so successful directing profitable businesses, I would encourage anyone starting a new business or trying to redirect an existing business to seek your services. After nine years in the NFL and twelve years speaking to major corporations it was truly refreshing to hear a no-nonsense straight to the point coaching session from a man with your experience. Call on me anytime to spread the good work about David Goldsmith and his keys to running a business the right way. Keep up the great work.

Rick Doc Walker
President Walker Marketing
Clear Channel AM Washington

"Many problems today are not people problems but rather system problems...David Goldsmith will clear your head and change your mindset to think in terms of systems solutions... thx...

Larry Mentkowski
Now-Tech Industries

"...Your example and explanation of what a team is was better than anything I have heard or seen in the athletic arena in thirty years....Your ideas are definitely worth millions..."

Mac Cassell
Mount Olive College
Athletic Director

"Absolutely outstanding, as usual!"

Theodore O Wallin Ph.D.
Syracuse University

"David Goldsmith's presentation style is enthusiastic and in-your-face, the content relevant and thought-provoking. David's insights on HR as a strategic partner challenge Human Resources conventional wisdom and left me with much to ponder."

Susan Blanton
Bon Secours Richmond Health System
Richmond, Virginia

"... I listened to your energetic presentation recently, I came back to the office a better and yet, more determined manager...."

Fernando Peralta  
Social Security Administration    
District Manager
Antioch, California

"…the group had started the day with a company tour, a "hurry-up’ breakfast, lunch and three prior speakers before you took the podium. You were certainly challenged to hold attention – and you kept the group "awake." You excelled with your confidence, vitality and command of your topic. We did "save the best till last."

David R Seib
International Management Council

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation … your style and message will never be forgotten…"

Reg Wilson
American Management Association

" San Diego and sat in on your session dealing with "Managements Role in Getting the Most from Today's Employees". I was impressed with your presentation style and enthusiasm. I also liked your straight forward answers and methodology in dealing with critical or sensitive issues.

John L. Arnold
American Chemical Society
Washington, DC

"What great insight you have!"

Susie DeWeese
Speakers Corner
Pacific Palisades, California

"I attended a presentation that you did in Portsmouth, NH on May 23, 2002. To say that I really enjoyed it is an understatement! You brought humor and levity into a situation that is really not that funny. Then again, I tend to cope with humor.... "

Julie Richie

We enjoyed your seminar very much. there was much food for thought. The more life experiences we have, the more we learn to "listen to our gut". Thanks for the effort.

Ludwig Auction & Realty Co., Inc.
Charles L. Ludwig
Falconer, NY

" have not only met my expectations, you have exceeded them. Keep holding everyone accountable and be prepared to keep raising the bar... I liked the fact that you are able to see the issues clearly and make the group recognizethier need to change."
Rick Baker
General Manager
Swan Dust Control Services
Waterloo, Ontario Canada

"Excellent speaker! Probably the best one. Phenomenal-most inspiring!….we were overwhelmed and astonished to realize your great influence…"

Jeanette Tullo
Samantha Helman

"I don't think that I ever shared my own personal comments about the presentation and if you don't mind I want to take a few minutes out of your morning to share them. I truly believe in the Enterprise Thinking approach and your presentation was outstanding, risky, but that's the best approach to resonate in the mind. I wish that I could have had the longer version focusing on the 9 approaches or steps to this. I had a wonderful time with you and hope to have the opportunity to meet with you once again to talk about my business plan or just to hoola hoop once again. Keep in touch and if you make it out to California let me know, I'll try to sneak into one of your seminars."

Sandra D. Moore
Social Security Administration
Program Specialist

"Your presentation was very well received and I feel certain you will be contacted by severalchapter of IMC from around the country, to make a similar presentation."

John K Shephard
CM National Executive Director
International Management Council

"Your enthusiasm and expertise on motivation made our members want to go out and tackle the world that night!! … David, it was a pleasure and an experience participating in your workshop!!

C. A. Adamitis CPM
National Assoc. of Purchasing Management

"…your sessions on Business has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive….

Mary Margaret Freedman
Community Resource Director
Skaneateles Central Schools

"Thank you for the article you wrote, recently published in Today's Lighting Distributor: "Lead Like the Greats: 40 Things You Can Do." It was very inspirational. I have read it, applied it, and will keep a record of it on file for when I train others to be leaders."

Mark Voss Senior Lighting Specialist
Voss Lighting Voss Lighting - Phoenix

"My attention did not wane once during your presentation. Excellent!...I've attended many "leadership" seminars but hearing your presentation made me view it in a different way....I've shared my enthusiasm with others and would highly recommend you without hesitation.."

Diane Cadd
Director, Claims Administration

"… Our sincere thanks for filling in at the last minute for the SBA meeting – you gave an excellent, upbeat, enthusiastic talk on motivation and networking…."

Donald R Norton CPC
Chairman of the Board
CFA Group

"David Goldsmith's presentation to a group of professionals, which I attended, was absolutely outstanding. Everyone was pleased and flocked to him after the presentation to obtain more information and to meet the man with presentation skills that go beyond great. David keeps the audience on their toes with insight to their own needs of improving their professional career. David provided a very in-depth learning experience that will benefit me daily in my professional walk."

Sam L. Dunbar
Con-Way Western Express
Director of Safety and Zone operations

"I always enjoy the enthusiasm with which you speak…"

Betsy Schwammberger
The NFIB Foundation

"Even I, who usually have a hard time listening to speakers, didn’t have trouble concentrating…. I especially enjoyed your "Ten Commandments." I have been boxing for about 8 months, but was going to quit…helped me decide to stay with it…Ever since last Tuesday everyone has been talking about your speech…"

Antonio Santiago
University Reach

"Your energy seems endless: what a great ending after a long, tiring day! … you really got the adrenalin moving!"

Beverly W. Ripka
Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

"your excellent presentation…You were so full of enthusiasm that it just naturally inspired all of us. I have heard nothing but positive comments from our members…Your ten commandments are a very worthwhile code of ethics for all to follow."

Marjorie Fox
Professional Secretaries International

"David, thanks for your good wishes. We at the IRS do not "do" testimonials. I did enjoy your presentation and the feedback from the two groups of employees has been very positive. ….. it's stimulating interest in the other remaining sessions. Thanks."

Rose M Pronel
District Director

"….but I didn’t need to read them to know how much they admired you and learned from your keynote address…everyone had wonderful things to say about your presentation…"

Lynn Rine
Campus Education Greek Council

"What an energy-filled day. Fantastic presentation, you got right to the core of what we need.I gained so much insight, finally realizing I need to sharpen my managerial skills to compliment my leadership style. A hearty thanks.....I will be passing your name on to my friends in the basketball and corporate world. "

Ron Righter - NCAA Basketball Coach
   Clarion University

"…your presentation was great!"

Joe Lomax
International Management Council

"Excellent....found him to be the most enjoyable yet! Very dynamic and appreciated the presentation very much. "

Tracy Edghil
BlueCross BlueShield CNY

"I most enjoyed your discussion of leadership and the thought provoking question, "Why would anyone follow you?" Terrific. Best regards in your business and feel free to call me at any time. Excellent follow-up............."

Michael Humm
Managing Director - Safety
FedEx Ground

"Your presentation was excellent and on the money! "

Pat Summers
Assistant to the President
Art Leather - Worlds Finest Albums and Folios
Elmhurst NY

"You keep raising the bar for me - I'm going to have to learn the art of pole-vaulting soon."

Joan Orentlicher, CMP, ACS
AVP, Meetings and Conventions

" …. Sue Cooke today and she told me our Sr. Leadership staff is still talking about how much they enjoyed and learned from your presentation. Thanks again."

Kathie Moran
Director Human Resources
BlueCross BlueShield CNY

"David challenges you to think differently...out of the box. He helps to remove the emotion(s) involved and look directly at the problem(s) at hand"

Kevein Knutson
Plymate Image Mats
Shelbyville, Indiana

"It seems to me you have tremendous talent in marketing as well as conveying information! You make it all seem possible -- logical and easy."

Annie Jennings
Annie Jennings PR

"You were so entertaining and informative, but what I liked best was that you were so at ease with a group of 100 people."

Eva Pearce
Internal Revenue Service
Upstate Division

" Just wanted to say thanks again for coming to Tulsa to share your thoughts. I think I really needed the reminder that Healthcare is a business like any other. My background isn't healthcare and I hear almost daily that healthcare is so very different from the private sector that I should forget what I've learned in the past. Granted there are a few unique qualities to this business and I have much to learn...but I can bring my prior successes to this business ...listening to my gut. Thanks for the reminder."

Debra Score
Hillcrest Healthcare Systems
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"...I can only tell you, your direction has put me on the path to success! Thanks for all your direction and your friendship."

Linda MacKool
Comforce Staffing Services

"...I just wish that more people could see this program inaction, since I believe it has tremendous impact ...."

Dianne M Kuruc
Executive Director
Citizens Foundation, Inc.

"You've helped me to understand the gratification one receives by hearing that he has chosen to do for a career truly benefits those who become client/customers/friends"

Tony Ebersole
Priority Management

"I found you to be an intelligent and articulate interview. I appreciate how quickly you returned my calls. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Sharon Geiger
Assistant News Director
Morning New Anchor KCBI (90.9) FM
Dallas, Texas

"...On a personal note, thank you for affecting my life and helping me to make the changes I needed. Keep giving the message."

Deron Stender
American Management Association

"David, I really appreciate you sending the outline of your excellent presentation so promptly. But I really appreciated one of the best motivational talks that I've ever heard. That's saying a lot since I've suffered through them in twenty-three years in the military and an additional 29 years in the transportation Industry. Your dynamic style of presentation, involving the audience and interspersing it all with a sprinkling of humor left me no choice but to listen, watch and learn. A great program, masterfully presented and a great experience."

Wally Person
Orgill, Inc.

"...Senior Care Marketplace...because I truly feel that attending your seminar was the most useful time I've spent in quite a while.

As a marketing professional .. of a service-oriented business unit, I concur wholeheartedly that Marketing must begin at the bottom and continue throughout the organization in everything that we do. In a large manufacturing organization, it is too easy to see ourselves as a separate unit and to get so focused on our little corner that we become complacent in thinking that the details can be left to someone else.

Your suggestion of giving myself a "virtual promotion" to the Executive Management team gave me a renewed insight into remembering to care about EVERY detail that crosses the path of our customers, both internal and external

... it reminded me to get "out of the details" and take a more strategic approach to reaching our target audience. Thank you. By the way,... I will pass along your name within the company."

Ginny Schlesselman    
Associate Product Manager
Welch Allyn Monitoring Services

"...Anyway, your presentation was what I expected, dynamic, and creative. You kept everyone on their toes with your ability to move the room including the ability to easily inform executive management of their inaccurate beliefs and style and assisted them in seeing new direction.

One member of the audience even stated that she brings something to do during these meeting. In her 10
years she had never enjoyed a presentation like she enjoyed and learned from your time with us.

The positive comments had been continuous after the event. Our staff walked away with a tremendous amount of information including
   Leadership history and needs
   Alliance organization and strengths
   Group dynamics and it's impact
   Communication and collaboration
Within days after your 3-hour 
presentation, we started to see dramatic changes. People were communicating with one another on projects. Information seemed to pass more readily and the group overall seemed to be using your "lessons"

Being a trainer, these results are hard to come by. Even now, months after the presentation we are still hearing your name discussed and people carry your coin. I would recommend anyone hear a presentation of yours if they have the opportunity. I could write more, but it would read like a novel or perhaps be made into a movie...."

Len Colella     
Training Coordinator

"Thanks to David Goldsmith, my business was up-ended, reexamined, and set on a clearer, more profitable path."

Darla Maffei

"The feedback I have been receiving as to the presentations has been overwhelmingly positive….. "

Michael Chiodo
Transition Team

"The members found it refreshing and different. ... your style of delivery was different. They liked the message."

Alan G. Weinstein
TEC International

"Right now we are hard at work planning for next year. I am taking your advice on the subject of finding out how ideas work during busy times. We are trying out some things during the Canadian week here, and having some success and some insights.

Your help has been most valuable for me in looking to the future and in helping me see how to get out of the box and look at what is out there for our department. I can see how it can happen now, and I can see a path for getting the Supervisors there as well. Will write again when I have more time, probably with questions!"

    Thank you

Nancy Luke
Perfect Turn Ski & Snowboard Director
Sugarbush Resort
Warren, Vermont

"I was lucky enough to have the opportunity on Friday at BCBS to be present for your presentation. I lead a team of Business Analysts that are responsible to write system changes, find better ways to handle enhancements, define requirements and test all changes. Your presentation gave me some very valuable tools to assist my team in pulling the info out of the business without pulling teeth. Your energy was contagious."

Judy Shepard
AVP Process Analysis and Data Management
BlueCross BlueShield

"Having attended a Zig Zigler seminar only days before hearing David, it was quite clear that within seconds of his presentation I knew I was in for another Zig seminar…Goldsmith style! David delivers an outstanding seminar with very simple concepts. What separates David from the rest is his ability to connect with every member of the audience and not just those with MBA's or on the CEO level. Management is everyone's job and David has the ability to break that down on any level. Out of all the speakers our conventions have hired, David Goldsmith has by far been the single best investment the association has ever made on hiring not only aspeaker, but also a friend. If you walk away unimpressed, then without a doubt, you don't belong in business."

David Guess, MS, CDS
Usher Transport, Inc.
Louisville, KY.

"The presentation given was excellent, filled with insight and humor. I would definitely recommend it. Some excellent points were made and I reexamined myself because of it. I plan to read books because of the presentation. I never realized before how great the impact was as compared to an article. "

Tracy Amidon
CPA Tax Manager
Fagliarone Group CPAs

"Your program was very informative and helped to reinstill my own beliefs regarding organizational orientation toward sales. The future planning aspect is critical to success, as is the ability to encourage all employees to embrace empowerment co joined with accountability."


Bob Walsh
Flex-Hose Co., Inc.

"…we couldn’t wait to get on the phones and start prospecting. As you know, we have met and heard many gifted speakers and without a doubt you are among the best."

Laurette Chunka
Dale Carnegie Institute

"David's 2 presentations were GREAT! I attended the Spring VaSHHRA Conference expecting an ordinary day. Once David took over, it turned out to be an extraordinary day for me and I think for a majority of us attending! He effectively addressed many issues facing the HR profession, and humorously so, at times. I also felt that a lot of the message(s) of the day related to us as individuals about our lives, not just about our work. In my opinion, he is an inspiring motivational speaker whom I would love to have visit VaSHHRA or SHRM again.

I am finally making some changes in my non-HR life that are long overdue."

Rena Wray
UVA Health Services Foundation
Human Resources Generalist

"Interactive, thought provoking, and fun."

Karen Murphy
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Manager of Academic Scheduling

"I found the presentation educational and enlightening. "

Shari Clubine
Lamar Outdoor Advertising

"The presentation was excellent. I came away thinking of how we can integrate your concept of enterprise into what we are trying to do with the schools. It was exciting because it will help to give us a better way to present some individual pieces as a whole and hopefully make the system stronger.

After the
presentation I told you I was tired. I don't know if you understood that as the compliment that it was meant to be. Your enthusiasm, command of the topic and the energy with which you presented it had me totally engaged the entire time and at the same time I was trying to make it fit my situation. The sense of being tired came from having been challenged to see the "old" with new eyes. I was energized and ready to tackle the everyday problems with a new vigor."


Sister Helen Ann
Catholic Schools

"I greatly enjoyed your presentation and would like serve as a reference. Thank you again for bringing your insight and opportunities. Your presentation gave me a new look on my own career and direction. "

Cindy Nave
Clerical Division Manager
Andrews Staffing Services

"David, I found the meeting fast paced, information packed, and kept my attention from start to finish."

Allen DeNormandie
Dustcatchers, Inc.
Chicago IL

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. You are so on target with what's going on in today's business world. Your energetic presentation made the time fly by and help to create a new awareness. I already have shared some of the information and passed on the coin you had on the tables. I would love to SUBSCRIBE to you newsletter to see what else you have to share. "

Lori Pientka
Lori's Hair Studio

"I very much enjoyed your presentation.... and not just because you didn't use the full 2,000 slides! I wish we had more time to hear your thoughts. You have a very special gift for keeping the audience engaged and attentive."

Susan Petrosino
Central Connecticut State University

"Your presentation really was great. You hit on so many things that were so relevant in a very short period of time. After speaking with you on Wednesday night, I just knew the presentation was going to help a lot of people and answer a lot of questions. Thanks for the insight."

Donna Campbell
Teikyo Post University
Dean of Records

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked". This is what David Goldsmith is all about!

Bruce L. Goodman
Senior Managing Director
MHP Commercial Brokerage Services

"I enjoyed your Enterprise Thinking seminar ... This topic appealed to me because as the IS Mgr, "Enterprise" software is a very hot topic these days. I was curious to learn more about a new subject...perhaps "Enterprise Thinking" is the new "buzz word"????!!!!!"

Wendy Carl

"Nice job. Good information for such a short time frame. I think I'll have more of a desire to think more innovatively about the future. Liked your energy"

Joan Hebert
Joan M Hebert Training & Consulting

"I recently attended the MetaMatrix Consulting "Enterprise Thinking" seminar along with many of the key staff members of Alliance Relocation Services, Inc. I wanted you to know that over the years I have attended many "seminars", but most consisted of fluff information, presented by an individual who has never actually run a business.

Your seminar was VERY different! We look forward to implementing Enterprise Thinking in our organization. "

Jim Walsh
Alliance Relocation Services, Inc.

"...I really liked your site and have bookmarked it. I also wanted to comment that I learned a lot of good stuff at your seminar."

Karen Andersen     
Watson Wyatt Production Manager
San Diego CA

"I enjoyed it very much. Subject matter was excellent and stories were clear…Definitely worth the time... "

David T. Oddy
Odyssey Software LLC

"The Enterprise Thinking Seminar sparked my interest. It helped me focus on two very important things - Systems and Communication. Without either you're headed for management catastrophe. So....I did some research on some new project tracking tools. I thank you shining the light! "

Shari L. Dwyer
Operations Manager
Thomas Communications & Technologies, LLC

"As a professional Program Manager and a long-time member of the World Future Society, I resonated strongly with your talk last week. I plan to send you some business. "

Mack McKinney
Research Associates of Syracuse

"Enjoyed the presentation. Your analogy to the military impressed me--The leaders were in front of the solders directing them into battle, they had a support group that trusted their vision. However, the leader also had a plan. A Vision without a plan is a hallucination. I read that somewhere."

Len Collela

"I learned so much from you in a short period of time. It's hard to believe it's been only 4 days. Soon I will be reporting back to Japans and put into action what I learned. I expect to sell at least $1 MILLION in new products."


Keiko Taquchi
Carmody and Bloom Inc.

"You're a gem. When this is all together, I will be singing your praises, and together we will generate more business for each other. Thanks for being so efficient."

John Alston
John Alston Presents
Los Angeles CA


"You've always been the creative genius,"

Ananth Ramanathan
Industrious Media House Ltd


"Hi David! Thank you very much for your amazing master-class."


Ilya Kashtankin


Happy Lunar New Year! I hope your travels and business have been going well.


 I have enjoyed the book and am now just getting into the Strategy section, which I think will be quite helpful. I must admit that am pleasantly surprised (I swore off business books 5 or so years ago, as I felt there was little ROI; I have instead been focusing on Philosophy/Religion and Classics)! Thank you for making business reading interesting again.

Keith Braesch
Vice President, B2B Sales
Targus, Inc.


I am 10% through paid to think and it already has changed my life. Amazing. Very very well done. Perfect book at the perfect stage of my career.


 I have recently started seeing my life as a system and the GPP resonates with the importance of the underlying system that you have in your life.

 The systems behind Planet are what is making it a great company that is bringing change to aerospace. If you want to know more about the Moon then we should talk. I know it pretty well and have an agile and fresh view. Few people who are working on the Moon understand the significance of exponential progress.

 It is going to happen quicker than most think and in a different way than people expect.


Happy to give you a presentation sometime.


Ben Haldeman

Planet Labs 


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book!  I have worked in organizations that apply some of the methods and approaches that you teach.  They have been among the more successful and better managed operations that I have been associated with.  I have never encountered a single source with such an abundance of useful management advice. It is well-written.  I will be recommending it to others and if I get some free time will write a review.

Vid Beldavs


National Science Center FOTONIKA-LV

Šķūņu iela 4

Rīga, LV-1050


Not only are you talented and bright, but your business sense has enabled be to take every aspect of my business to new heights. There aren't enough words to say how much I appreciate all you have done and the relationship we've been able to cultivate in the process. You are a coach, a friend and a business man that enables me to fill in the gaps where I am weak. Not only have you helped me to devise a better business system, and position my business in such a way that more and more people are coming to me for assistance, but you have enabled me to reframe reality and grow personally.John Alston John Alston Presents


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