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"There are not a bunch of speakers that can entertain and talk on a topic. If the client asked, who would pick? I would say you in a heartbeat."

    Richard Schelp     
    Executive Speakers Bureau

"You should be listed amongst the top speaker fees in the industry.  I've never doubted for a minute you are worth the $$."

Derek Sweeney
The Sweeney Agency

"David Goldsmith is my #1 rated speaker in my entire roster.  David is a leading business strategist and tactical expert and will help your attendees find solutions based upon proven, common-sense strategies.  There are very few people in the world who can do what he does with an audience."

Larry Baltz
Republic Speakers Bureau

"You are by far the best customizer in the entire speaking industry.  We not only know we can send David out on almost any project, WE DO!  And the feedback is always incredible.  The clients love his ability to learn their industry and language and then to deliver very targeted, hard-hitting, meat filled information that redefines industries. Besides, David is so good at what he does, we've used his talent at our own strategic planning meetings to help us stay ahead of the industry."

Seth Detchman
Speaker Agency

"It was great to hear you speak in front of my old industry. You were great and when I checked the feedback from those I know in the audience, they said you kept them engaged the entire day!"

Kathleen Mozena
Keynote Speakers, Inc.

"Very few speakers can work with the CEO's of billion dollar corporations as you do.  The client commented that your presentation was so powerful that they cut the next presenter down to 20 minutes from an hour and a half, just to continue their conversation about the materials you delivered.  That's powerful!"

Richard Barcham
International Speakers Bureau

"I have experienced David Goldsmith's consulting firsthand and he is brilliant...the fastest brain on the planet. David generates more (enterprising) ideas or solutions and insights than most of the business world combined.  And he is a master of many skills, so he is able to address so many facets of business.  That is one thing I really like about David's business acumen -- he rapidly can grasp the whole picture and then effectively address the various parts.  That is how I know David is a special kind of speaker, consultant, expert.  He continues to amaze me."

Andrea Gold
Gold Star Speaker Bureau

"Wow, you were able to show then what you do over the phone and you were able to upsell the customer at the same time.  We didn't have to email or send them anything."

Wendy Kruger

"There are very few people in the world who can do what you do...and I know the client realizes this"

Diane Goodman
Goodman Speakers Bureau

"...thank you so much for all the leads! I think that this is without a doubt the most we have gotten from one event EVER!!!!  Everyone is very excited."

Bonnie Wrockloff
Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau

"Your presentation was fantastic. The materials (you delivered) were so good that I found it useful for my own business...and they easily applied to the entire speaking industry."

Wanda Watson
Speakers Plus! Worldwide Speakers Bureau

"You customize better than anyone else in the industry.  No one else does the work you do or delivers the type of material you deliver."

Joanne Van Hook
Orange County Speakers Bureau

"It's been years since I've spoken to anyone in the industry with both the intelligence and ability to present as well as you do.  So many speaker believe that because they can talk, it gives them the right to stand up on stage and use big words they don't understand."

Name withheld..for obvious reasons
VP of Speakers Bureau

" day you will blossom into one fo the top speakers/trainers on the planet!"

Susie DeWeese
Speakers Corner

"The room was completely full and no one left early even at the Breakers (A Five Star Luxury Resort). You know ho it usually goes...they [conference goers say they] hat to check their cell phone or take a call and they never come back. Pretty incredible they all stayed!

Bill Harris
Harris Management Group, Inc.

"What stands out about David is how fast he reacts. He immediately researches the specific needs of the buyer and then is able to present himself incredibly well over the phone to help the customer understand what they might not have even thought about. "

Milam Byers
The Speakers Group


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