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Are your events delivering real and long-lasting value?
1/2, FULL DAY 
"David Goldsmith gave us so many practical ideas that he could have charged us a million dollars and it would have been worth it!"
_John Labrie, CEO & President
CWX Con-Way Express

  Consulting from the Stage

We offer a range of speaking services that deliver solutions and build leadership while  meeting different needs and budgets.  From executive meetings to facilitation, breakouts, keynotes, or full- and half-day programs, we've got you covered.

We offer captivating and educational stock (and stock with partial customization) presentations, however, we're best known for our award-winning, fully-customized programs, Consulting from the Stage, which are considered the gold standard of customization for engaging your audience with eye-opening content, proven take-away tools to create immediate results, and the instruction they need to effect long-lasting transformation in their organizations, careers, and lives.


"David's performance made me, the meeting planner, look great! He didn't give a canned presentation. Instead, he customized it to our industry for the leaders of the local utilities. He did this by studying and interviewing in advance several member-utility CEOs from a list I provided. He doesn't just provide information. He challenges the audience to think differently, and to put their best efforts into the areas that make the biggest difference in their business. He's a very smart, interesting person, easy to work with, and has a passion for improving organizational performance."

-Creed Crowder, Director of Conferences & Meetings, Tennessee Valley Public Power Association



Our events provide  high quality content that produces instant and long-term value. Leaders gain take-away tools that transform people into high performers, organizations into powerhouses, and dreams into realities days and years after your event closes.

Our Difference

Engaging and educational, each program blends discussion of the audience's current challenges, cross-pollinated "aha" content, real solutions, transferable tools with instructions, and in appropriate cases, forecastings that help leaders make decisions that stand the tests of time.

"David has the ability to see the larger picture and use it to apply ideas to your organization. I got more from him in the hour or so he spoke than an entire year at University. He gave practical, applicable information that will help my company get through this recession, and come out of it on top."
-Peter Nieman, Directeur Ventes et Marketing, Kyzen, Inc.
"We learned so much from your research. You spoke the language of insurance as if you were a part of it. People were glued to their chairs listening to your every word, and note after note was taken. It's been over two months, and we're still hearing conversations around your messages."
_Cathy Bradshaw, Director HR Employee & Leadership Development
Colonial Life


Fully Customized Presentations that Deliver High Value and Produce Long-Term Transformations

Give your next group of discerning leaders a top-notch, unforgettable, life-changing program with Consulting from the Stage.  Considered the gold standard of 100% customization by decision makers, meeting planners, and speakers’ bureaus worldwide, Consulting from the Stage challenges audiences to think differently, surprises, engages, educates, motivates, and inspires by awakening minds to expanded and sometimes counter-intuitive perspectives that take leaders from where they are to where they want to be faster than they ever thought possible. Consulting from the Stage uses proprietary research methods to address each audience’s specific challenges and needs.

Consulting from the Stage has helped leaders in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education to expand, grow, learn, innovate, enhance performance, increase productivity, outpace competitors, improve working environments, upgrade the customer experience, secure and retain talent, uncover greater opportunities, and much more.

Participants always leave with proven take-away tools and accompanying instructions to ensure that they have everything they need to drive performance and results immediately upon return their return to work.

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PAID TO THINK™: The 12 Game-Changing Secrets to Great Leadership

(Based on the Internationally Acclaimed Book)

Any desired outcome or promising future can become a reality for every leader who learns two things: (1) how to sidestep the common tendency to value busyness over idleness and take action before best options are considered and (2) how to use simple yet powerful “thinking” tools to convert ideas to results. In this program, described as a “hurricane to the brain”, David Goldsmith combines lessons of success from his 30-year business career and consultative work with thousands of decision makers worldwide along with his award-winning New York University teachings to reveal stunning realities and game-changing secrets.

This program is educational and engaging, and its take-away tools are designed to be put to immediate use regardless of a leader’s need: increasing performance individually or organizationally, strategizing, expanding opportunities, accelerating growth, gaining buy in, attracting and securing talent, and so on to Achieve More, Earn More, and Live More.


Leaders who forecast increase performance, outpace competitors, and produce winning, sustainable advantages throughout their organizations.  Picture for a moment that a decision maker somehow gains access to a newspaper from the future and learns about challenges and opportunities on the horizon that no one else is expecting. How differently might this person assess potential options so that decisions made today secure a better future for his or her organization, industry, or career?

Having a more informed view into the future—magical newspapers aside—is a reality for anyone who has the right tools. In this program, David Goldsmith awakens leaders to their own abilities to look into the future much farther and more accurately than they ever thought possible by using proven forecasting tools. During this eye-opening program, audiences experience many “aha” moments as they develop a “predictive mindset” and learn practical and competitively advantageous ways to anticipate, plan, and decide proactively. Attendees not only wonder why more people don’t have forecasting tools at their disposal, a part of them hopes that their competitors never do!


RETHINKING LEADERSHIP “TRUTHS”: The 8 Mind-Quaking Realities that Trigger Avalanches of Opportunities

Beliefs about leading are so common and ingrained that we rarely (if ever) step back and assess whether they are actually true or even good for us. Most high-functioning leaders have already learned that many of the popular perspectives related to leading and managing, though common, are nothing more than false assumptions and self-sabotaging beliefs masquerading as “truths” that can hinder decision making and rob leaders of their best options for racking up gains, successes, and wins. In this perspective-changing program, David Goldsmith exposes the imposters and reveals eight surprising realities along with how they can be put to use to make an immediate difference.


Audience members look through a completely new lens that replaces their old assumptions with new concepts and mental tools that deliver an abundance of unparalleled opportunities faster than they may have ever experienced throughout their careers. They gain greater clarity and become posed to usher in an avalanche of new opportunities as soon as they return to their work environment and for many years beyond the close of this presentation. Past attendees have said that they were never able to go back to old ways of thinking and that this program drastically transformed how they viewed their roles as leaders and unleashed potential within themselves that they never knew they had.


THE 4 D’S OF INNOVATION: Disruption, Differentiation, Domination and Delivery


In 2009, a survey of leaders conducted by McKinsey & Company revealed that more than 70% of leaders expected innovation to become one of the top three drivers of growth for their organizations in the upcoming three to five years. Yet seven years later, while most leaders want to be innovative and to build innovative organizational cultures, few feel that they actually know how as their organizations still sit on the sidelines, stalling innovatively. On the positive side, innovation is actually a leadership issue, and this program gives leaders what they need to take first steps to replace “vanilla” practices and offerings with stand-out-in-the-crowd “raspberry swirl”.

Leaders who have struggled with innovation in the past find this presentation’s content to yield a refreshing departure from their past experiences. David Goldsmith moves audiences far beyond theory and “should-do” talk by delivering the same practical, actionable tools and techniques that turn his consulting clients around 180°, one in particular achieving 42 innovation projects after a one-hour presentation. Attendees who come to this practical and motivating presentation thinking, “I’m not sure” are likely to be saying, “Yes I can” as their thinking transforms and they gain the tools to begin building their own unstoppable, innovative organizations.

REDEFINING: Asking Better Questions to Always Get Better Answers


If you incorrectly enter your intended destination address into a GPS, what is likely to happen? The same happens in organizations when leaders incorrectly assume that a challenge is the real challenge without any method to test that assumption. Before your audience members channel time, energy, and resources into creating their next solutions and opportunities, they should attend this program and learn about Redefining. Redefining is an incredibly reliable tool that produces optimal results, because it guides leaders to ask better questions and ultimately focuses them on their real and right challenge from the get go. In essence, Redefining gives leaders the immediate ability to delineate their actual challenges from distractive imposters, such as assumptions, symptoms of challenges, or lower-priority issues, thus improving decision making, opportunities, and outcomes.

This program gives attendees every step and instruction they need to go back to work and immediately approach their everyday questions, quandaries, meetings, interactions, challenges, opportunities, and decisions with it. Considering the frequency of decision points throughout a single day, this tool puts immense power in leaders’ hands to shape the present and future of organizations, careers, lives, and all the people who are affected by their decisions. In addition, leaders can easily transfer this tool to others to multiply its amazing potential to transform individuals and groups within a very short time.


FROM THOUGHTS TO REALITY: What Others Won’t or Can’t Tell You about Advanced Planning


A winning outcome is born as much from how leaders think as it is from what they think. Considering the transformative impact of just one decision—both good and bad—and the fact that countless decisions are made in organizations minute by minute causing limitless possible outcomes to hang in the balance, it’s critical that leaders have a proven, way of planning and thinking smarter so that they and their organizations produce winning outcomes. David Goldsmith teaches audience members about a powerful combination of new planning tools, counter-intuitive approaches, and eye-opening perspectives that empower leaders to make rapid and highly transformative outcomes. 

Depending on the length on the program selected, attendees learn how to use an advanced model for simple and reliable strategic planning, employ forecasting techniques, replace idea mentality with actual plans, adopt a view of execution that enhances achievement, and many additional leadership tools that transform leaders, careers, and organizations continually in the months and years to follow.


WHAT EVERY LEADER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES IN OUR NEW DIGITAL WORLD: An Introduction to the Next New Frontier of Ecosystems, Networks, Algorithms, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning


Digital advancements are the new gold, not just for techies but for every leader...that is, if one knows what those advancements are and how to use them. Today’s progressive leaders are using cutting-edge technologies, algorithms, and data to make smarter strategic decisions that are delivering huge returns and having impact on everybody, everywhere, and in every way. By now, whether one is a tech-minded leader or not and regardless of their organization’s size, reach, geographic location, and industry or sector, they need a wakeup call to get up to speed quickly so that these digital possibilities become opportunities rather than challenges. This program is a straightforward introduction as a first step in leveling the playing field.


In this enlightening and engaging program, David Goldsmith delivers and eye-opening introduction to current technological opportunities that expand attendees’ thinking to improve decision making that draws high returns, creates rapid results, and keeps organizations competitive in a fast evolving world.


BUILDING A DEEP BENCH OF POWERHOUSE LEADERS: Putting Your Organization in the Ready Position


The success of an organization very often hinges on its leadership’s readiness to make solid decisions and act upon them each and every day as well as in times of special need. In today’s rapidly paced world, leaders know that they need both a typical succession plan for the future and a deep bench of powerhouse leaders that can step up and take charge now. Yet study after study has shown that as many as 76% of executives report leadership talent shortages in terms of the number of leaders they can rely on and the skills and competencies within their current leadership teams.

David Goldsmith uproots the issue of leadership development from the backs of minds and places it front and center where it can finally be achieved. Attendees learn the techniques and tools that leaders worldwide have used successfully to remove obstacles and replace old habits with practical leadership-building strategies.  They typically find that even before they leave the event, their minds are racing with how they are going to quickly build leadership potential within their organization.

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