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New David Goldsmith Quotes

Often the person creating the algorithms for you life may not have a life of their own.


Sales are when you go to them Marketing is when they come to you


The words you use determine how you feel and act


Don't always follow self-made millionaires and billionaires because they often tell you what they believe is important to them today, while their original idea may have been as simple as wanted to compare and women while using a database them "acquired" without permission.


Sometimes is better to just give the answer than it is to teach, as they'll never need to know how to do it again.


We all gamble, it only depends on where and how much.


If the plans don’t work then it’s the plans and not the people in that your plans must fit the conditions the economy, the people

Every new action is similiar to a rock thrown in a river, the river either swallows it, goes around it,  for forms new paths


Making people happy does not make them fulfilled (They must feel as if they belong and want to stay...that's different.)



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