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"David sees what others don’t see, has the talent to turn situations into opportunities, possesses the skill to offer new methodologies, and shares the insight to bring simplicity and clarity to any situations we’ve addressed."  

Alexei Kudriashov, Founder and CFO


You’re curious…and I appreciate this.

And yet, actually, I would share that you are not really curious.

Being honest with yourself, you are really looking for answers...


...answers to some of the questions you might have about how you can get what you want over the course of the next year, or your life.

That said, you may have already clicked on a few links, read sales copy that goes on forever, and ever, and ever selling you some sort of package solution.  Maybe you've also looked at a few Instagram or Facebook ads, read something in the HBR, or searched coaching on Google. 

Right now the past does not matter.

What’s more important to you and to me is that you are looking to make changes.


Changes you wish you could have made as part of life-long challenges or changes you realized recently that might make a difference in both your business and even personal life.  They do meld together today. 

Today, let's make your click more than just a click but a next step.  In window shopping, you'll never know if what you are looking at fits unless you try the clothing on for a moment.

Odds are you do want to make the changes to...

  • become a stronger leader...

  • pick up new skills…

  • find someone to be accountable to…

  • accelerate your career…

  • learn to lead teams better…

  • find a work-life balance…

  • uncover talents you never realized…

  • form a more concrete path…

  • build and grow...

  • or materialize a dream you've held for years, finally!

You could be from a startup or an old school business, be an entrepreneur or a traditional business person. I've worked with individuals in over 300 industries and who have functioned in many different roles, in profit, not for profit, government, military and education, and from every continent except for Antarctica.  

Yet I've not worked with you, and maybe we should be working together. 

So I have a suggestion, and it's not about emailing and texting back and forth. 

Let's take a few minutes on the phone, Skype, Zoom, to discover if we’re right for one another. Nothing else matters at this point.  The right coach will make the other pieces fall into place now and in the future, too.

Take one more step and schedule a call.  The calls are set for one-hour slots so that if you need the time to talk, we have it. 

I'm sure that when we're done you'll have new answers.


The average return on initial investment for executive coaching is 6X. 

Our clients' return is at least 12X and usually higher.


Productivity jumps by more than 200%, our clients say. This is more than three times the average reported by competitors' clients when coaching is combined with training.


Our clients report an average of 32% annual increased profitability as a result of coaching as compared to 22% reported in a study of Fortune 1000 executives. 


100% of our clients improve professional relationships as compared to the national average of 71%.


Maximize your potential and become the leader you always wanted to be.

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